Warning: These are going to be spoilerific. I'm also going to try to hit on all of the usual triggers, but if you have one that's specific, please let me know and I'll update the list.

The Glamourist Series: Pregnancy complications (Glamour in Glass), Miscarriage mention (Without a Summer), Infertility mention (Without a Summer)

Great Catherine: Mentions of war and rape

The Shambling Guide to New York City: Lots of violence, and I'll be honest, Lafferty plays loose and fast with consent. There was a scene that I would call attempted rape, but it wasn't treated as such by the characters.

Who Fears Death: All the trigger warnings. I'm not kidding. War, rape, child molestation, genital mutilation, murder, death. Everything.

Among others: Incest, rape mention, death of a sibling, unbalanced mother.

Bloodchild: Rape mention, violence.

Magic for Beginners: Endangered children.

How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe: None that I could think of.

Rosemary and Rue: Rape mention, statutory rape mention, violence

Blackout / All Clear: Death and dismemberment.

Clean Sweep: Coerced sexual touching (Basically, the scene might be hot to some who like 'forceful' interactions, but could be triggering to others).